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At just 2.2mm thin, the Wafer USB is one of the thinnest USB Cards in the world. It's ideal to store in your wallet, pocket or organiser. Its large brandable area can be photo printed on both sides in full vibrant colour to showcase your smartest brand designs.

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Excellent Company!

Matt was fantastic. He delivered way before my deadline that I was so afraid we wouldn't make. The product is of such good quality and turned out beautifully! An awesome product, awesome price, and exceptional customer service! Thank you!
Marilyn Baldwin

We asked for a sample of a particular…

We asked for a sample of a particular USB model. Within 24 hours we had a chocolate-box-like plethora of samples at both office locations that we had teammates working on this project. We decided on a model and design and had the finished product in-hand in three business days. Not to mention constant and nearly instant communication. The finished product is incredible, but the service is what was truly outstanding! Well done Yudi and Hau!
Greg Davy

Wafer USB Card

Branded with your logo in 5 days

Delivery Ireland and UK-Wide

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Where plastic is used for non-visible internal parts, these materials come from 100% recycled sources

RoHS This product fully conforms to RoHS Directive (EU Restriction of hazardous substances). View Certificate

Photo Printing

Area Front: 84.5mm X 53mm
Area Back: 84.5mm X 53mm

Branding Area designated by
Length: 85.5mm (3.37 inches)
Width: 54mm (2.13 inches)
Height: 2.2mm (0.09 inches)
Weight: 12.63 grams (0.45 Ounces)

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